Manor Lakes College includes a specialist learning centre for students with multiple and complex learning needs.   Eildon and Dalaroo learning houses have purpose built classrooms and facilities to cater for the diverse learning needs of the students. Eildon also includes a developmental play room and a sensory room.  Students access a range of specialist programs including physical education, art, library, performing arts and outdoor education.


All students in the Eildon and Dalaroo learning houses have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that outlines their goals for the year.  An IEP is the individual component of the curriculum for students in Supported Learning.  It operates in conjunction with weekly literacy and numeracy planners and daily learning focuses associated with units of work.  The curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum levels A-10. All classes work closely with other learning houses and curriculum areas to share special events and incursions. Teams work together to ensure consistency with curriculum development and inquiry based projects.


A functional and integrated approach is taken in relation to student learning with language and communication as a key focus. We focus on the development of communication, oral language and conversational skills, which encourages social interaction and independence. Alongside speech we use a range of augmentative communication systems including signing, picture symbols and photographs in order to cater for students with a variety of communicative needs.  Functional and Life skills become the focus for all learning in the upper secondary school with a specific emphases on post-schooling options.