Manor Lakes College introduced the Enrichment Program in 2018 with its first Year 7 class. In 2019, there will be a Year 7 and a Year 8 class.

The Enrichment Program is designed to cater for students who have above average abilities in English and Mathematics, and who demonstrate high levels of organisation, task commitment and dedication towards their learning. The curriculum has been adapted for this purpose.

The Enrichment Program is delivered by staff with relevant teaching expertise who instil a high level of expectations in the students, challenging and motivating them to achieve at much higher levels. 

For students who demonstrate learning achievements at the highest levels, the following pathways are possible from Year 7 Enrichment:

  • Year 8 Enrichment

  • Year 9 Advanced English and Mathematics

  • Year 10 Advanced Mathematics (pre-VCE Maths Methods course) 

  • Early commencement VCE subjects in Year 10

MLC Enrichment Policy - Draft

Entry to the Program is via a testing and selection process. Interested students will be required to apply and test for the Program each year to secure a place for the following year. The places in the program are extremely coveted and are reserved for students with the highest abilities.

Please direct any enquiries to:

Jayne Arnold-Harsley - Enrichment Program Coordinator
03 9741 4202


Junior high school students are being given the chance to learn beyond their years.


Manor Lakes P-12 College last year introduced an enrichment program that teaches year 7 and 8 students advanced curriculum based on their individual needs.

Students have to pass a testing process to determine their academic level.


Manor Lakes College secondary principal Renee Liprino said while a number of schools offer accelerated subjects for older high school students, Manor Lakes College is one of only a few offering this type of accelerated learning to younger year levels.

Ms Liprino said all enrichment students also do a music component, and there is also the option to do sport and participate in a new chess club.

“It’s not just about academics, we want to build the whole student,” she said.


Enrichment program co-ordinator Jayne Arnold-Harsley added: “Enrichment kids in general either learn a musical instrument at home – hence the music program – and many of them already train in martial arts”.


Year 8 enrichment student Sreeja Gullapalli is studying a number of subjects at year 9 level, and maths at year 10 level.


“It’s a chance for me to really take the next step in my learning,” she said.


“Overall, I’ve felt it’s really helped me. I can feel myself learning so much more.”


Year 7 student Hamza Dar applied for the program after his older brother took part last year, and is now studying a number of subjects at year 8 level.

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