Manor Lakes P-12 College accommodates students in years Prep - 12.


Manor Lakes P-12 College will accept enrolments from families that live within the designated neighbourhood area (DNA).


Please refer to the neighbourhood boundary maps for Years P – 6 and Years 7 -12:



             Prep to Year 6 Enrolment Boundary Map                      Year 7 to Year 12 Enrolment Boundary Map





College Tours


All new families are required to attend a tour of the college with an Assistant Principal.


These tours provide families with the opportunity to view the college in operation while providing us with the opportunity to meet you and your child.


Please contact the school Registrar to book a tour.


Prep and Year 7


Prospective Prep and Year 7 families are invited to attend an Information Evening.


Further college tours are available throughout the year for prospective prep and Year 7 families as required.


Parents who have a child seeking enrolment from year 6 to year 7 are required to follow the Transition Process.


If you require further information about the year 6 to year 7 Transition Process, or assistance in completing the forms, please contact your Year 6 Coordinator or primary school principal.


Documents Required for Enrolment


An enrolment application must be completed for each student applying for a position at Manor Lakes P-12 College.

  • Complete an enrolment form, this is available at the conclusion of your college tour

  • Provide your child’s birth certificate or passport as evidence of birth

  • Provide your child’s Immunisation History Statement, available from Medicare  

  • Provide evidence that you live in the college neighbourhood boundary

  • Provide your child’s recent academic reports

  • If your child was born overseas you will need to provide his/her passport and visa

  • Provide custody restrictions/court orders (if applicable)

  • Provide an Asthma Plan, Anaphylaxis Plan, Allergic Reaction Plan, Diabetes Action Plan (if applicable)

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