The game of chess began in the North of India some 1500 years ago. It spread across Asia and the Islamic Arabian Empire eventually reaching Europe. The rules of chess changed numerous times until the 1880s – known as ‘the romantic era of chess’. The first World Chess Championship was held in 1886

(iChess.net, 2018).


Chess is a game of combat and strategy. It requires sustained attention and a great memory, along with problem solving skills. It is also a fun game to play!


Each week, Enrichment students have the opportunity to learn and play chess with a view to setting up inter-year level tournaments later in the year.

Chess Club dates are as follows:

Tuesday Recess: Year 7 Enrichment Students

Friday Lunch Time: Year 8 Enrichment, Year 9 and 10 Advanced Students

Who will be the Manor Lakes College 2019 Chess Champion?

According to research by Cho, Park and Lee (2018), Taekwondo training not only improves mental health, wellbeing, and social skills, but it also “enables students to maintain a relationship with school rules, order, academic activities, and teachers”. It also “helps students to form rational judgments regarding peer-related conflicts and therefore contributes to the educational value of public education”. Based on the research, Taekwondo “helps the growth and development of children and youth, it has a greater utility in the cultivation of ideal human beings that is combined with a holistic, humanist education that fosters the formation of great personalities, and it improves physical strength through physical activities”.  

I have been training in the martial art of Taekwondo for over 12 years at City West Taekwondo and competing in Poomsae (patterns) for several years. When I reflect on the calibre of the students in the Elite Competition Teams at the club, it comes as no surprise that the majority of them are - or have been part of - a select-entry or enrichment program at school. It also comes as no surprise that several Manor Lakes College Enrichment students already take part in Taekwondo as an outside school activity. It is because of this that I decided to start a Taekwondo activity solely for Enrichment students.


Jayne Arnold-Harsley

Enrichment Program Coordinator

On Monday lunch break each week, Enrichment students will be invited to take part in Taekwondo fun and fitness. Sparring will not currently form part of this activity.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art focussing mainly on foot skills. ‘Tae’means to kick or jump, ‘Kwon’means fist or hand and ‘Do’means ‘the way’.  

Taekwondo teaches many skills:

-Basic stances, kicks, punches, blocks

-Combination kicks and punches


-The break test (breaking wood)

-Sparring (fighting)

-Poomsae (pronounced ‘Poom-say’) (patterns)

-The Korean language


-Stretching to improve flexibility

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport for Sparring. It is possible to compete Nationally and Internationally in both Sparring and Poomsae.

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport for Sparring. It is possible to compete at State, National and International levels in both Sparring and Poomsae.



On Friday 15thFebruary, 40 Enrichment students had the opportunity to participate in a Taekwondo lesson, delivered by Frank de Pasquale, Head Instructor and 7thDan Black Belt, and his Black Belt daughter, Danieka, at City West Taekwondo in Hoppers Crossing.

The Year 7s trained in the morning and the Year 8s in the afternoon for one and a half hours each session.

City West Taekwondo tailored a Self Defence Program for the Enrichment students, which included:

1. Body posture and language techniques.

2. Basic defensive and counter offensive techniques.

3. Psychological interpretations of physical conflict situations, and applying the knowledge for self-benefit.

4. Techniques to promote bystander intervention, and applying the knowledge for self-benefit.


The students all thoroughly enjoyed the session. See photos below:






















Year 7 Alex learnt how to throw Mrs Arnold-Harsley on the floor.
















Year 7 Abi throwing Head Instructor of City West Taekwondo, Frank De Pasquale, on the floor. 




















Year 7 Holly kicking the mitts.
























Year 8 Ruby and Sadie kicking the mitts.


























Year 8s being instructed by Frank De Pasquale, City West Taekwondo. Nice kick Tisha!
























Year 8s pictured with Frank and Danieka de Pasquale at City West Taekwondo Headquarters, Hoppers Crossing.