Students at Manor Lakes College in Years 7,8 & 9 have had the opportunity to learn about Japanese language and culture. The classes take place after school every Monday in the Eyre library. There are three main languages in Japanese; kanji, katakana and hiragana. Currently the class is learning how to read and write ‘hiragana’ by practising each stroke and repeating.

Some of the topics students have studied are as follows:

  • simple greetings and how to introduce yourself

  • where Japan is located in Asia and some of the cities and prefecture names in Japan

  • how to use ‘hashi’ (chop sticks)

  • Japanese festivals and National Holidays

  • the Japanese cultural obsession of ‘Janken’ (rock, paper, scissors)

  • Japanese ‘anime’ and ‘manga’

  • How to count up to 20

Any students in Years 7,8 or 9 who are interested in learning about the Japanese language and culture are welcome to come to the Eyre library after school on Mondays. Class starts at 3:10pm and finishes at 4 pm.


Peter Osboldstone

Languages Teacher